• Motor Xeransis System, Motor Xeransis Facility, Electric Hygroscopic Apparatus
  • Motor Xeransis System, Motor Xeransis Facility, Electric Hygroscopic Apparatus
  • Motor Xeransis System, Motor Xeransis Facility, Electric Hygroscopic Apparatus
  • Motor Xeransis System, Motor Xeransis Facility, Electric Hygroscopic Apparatus



Product origin :Dongguan, China

Product features:
● Low light collocation ordinary cooling water can be up to 32 ℃ ~ - 40 ℃, dew point collocation no-load cases, cold water machine can reach even to 40 ℃ below the dew point;
● A continuous cycle of dehumidification and regeneration to ensure that the dew point temperature stabilised into a straight line;
● The honeycomb wheel is made of ceramic fiber, which is good for dehumidification.
● Do not produce pollution to ensure the quality of plastics;
● Wheel can be 1000 ℃ high temperature in case of fire resistance, acid-proof alkali, 3-8 years life expectancy;
● Low regeneration temperature is 180 ℃, than the traditional hot air drying machine save two-thirds of 30-40% of the energy and time;
● A dehumidifier can be used with several independent dry materials.

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Hengrong brand peak nesting wheel dehumidifier dryer series of core components is a slowly rotating peak nest dehumidification runner, the rotor is divided into three areas: dehumidification zone, regeneration zone, cooling zone. When dehumidified humid air is required to enter the dehumidification zone, the moisture molecules in the wet air are adsorbed by the hygroscopic peaks in the runner to obtain a dry, dry air-diameter fan sent to the common user, with the increase in moisture, dehumidification The zone gradually saturated, driven by the drive motor, slowly transferred to the regeneration zone, start the regeneration process, the regeneration of air diameter heated to 180 ℃, the reverse blowing into the regeneration area, so that the adsorption of water molecules in the rotor , Was sent out of the machine to complete the regeneration process, after regeneration of the region to restore the moisture absorption capacity, driven by the drive, driven by the motor slowly into the cooling zone, the regeneration of dry air after cooling into the dehumidification area for dehumidification. The dehumidification, drying and cooling process is occurring at the same time. The humid air is continuously dried and the runner is continuously regenerated, and the dehumidifier is kept in a stable working condition. The dehumidifier of the other dehumidifier is completely solved. Disadvantages.



Motor Xeransis System, Motor Xeransis Facility, Electric Hygroscopic Apparatus

Hengrong brand honeycomb wheel dehumidification drying series is mainly for the highly hygroscopic engineering plastics, efficient dehumidification operations and development of the design of the product. How to strictly control the moisture in raw materials, is the key to processing high-quality plastic products. The series models are used on behalf of today's highest scientific and technological achievements of ceramic fiber as the substrate of the honeycomb wheel as the core components, so the dry air to easily reach -32 ℃ ~ -40 ℃ dew point, the ideal case can be achieved - 40 ℃ below, and the dew point temperature stability, to ensure the quality of plastic products and stability. The whole series adopts P.I.D temperature control system standard equipment; control with LED liquid crystal display, the product maximum dry air volume up to 6000m3 / hr



Three-machine Integrated Dehumidifier

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