• Large Vertical Mixer

    Large Vertical Mixer

    Product features: ● Use with a variety of plastic, grinder, the new material spices; ● Propeller blades, 3MM-4MM thick, easy to deformation; ● Can be converted into a dry mixer.

  • Horizontal Mixer

    Horizontal Mixer

    Product features: ● Barrel-type paddle made of stainless steel, easy to avoid rusting cleaning; ● Cylinder can be tilted 100 degrees, easy discharge; ● Chain security protection device to ensure that the author and the safety of machinery and equipment.

  • Vertical Mixer

    Vertical Mixer

    Product features: ●It is made of stainless steel, high strength, durable and easy to clean. ●The vertical deceleration motor ensures low noise and long endurance. ●The structure is scientific, reasonable and strong mixing ability, and 3 minutes can be enough to mix raw materials. ●Small area and convenient to move the wheel. ●Cover with safety protection switch, safe operation.

  • Roller Mixer

    Roller Mixer

    Product features: ●The barrel body is made of stainless steel, which is firmly welded, and the surface is bright and easy to clean. ●The mixing barrel can be rotated and mixed in all directions at 360 degrees. Feeding and discharging are convenient for positioning. ●The mesh protector is reasonable in structure, beautiful and practical, and ensures easy operation. ●There is no mixing leaf in the bucket, and the mixed cleaning is more convenient.

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