• Dehumidifier


    Product features: ● Low light collocation ordinary cooling water can be up to 32 ℃ ~ - 40 ℃, dew point collocation no-load cases, cold water machine can reach even to 40 ℃ below the dew point; ● A continuous cycle of dehumidification and regeneration to ensure that the dew point temperature stabilised into a straight line; ● The honeycomb wheel is made of ceramic fiber, which is good for dehumidification. ● Do not produce pollution to ensure the quality of plastics; ● Wheel can be 1000 ℃ high temperature in case of fire resistance, acid-proof alkali, 3-8 years life expectancy; ● Low regeneration temperature is 180 ℃, than the traditional hot air drying machine save two-thirds of 30-40% of the energy and time; ● A dehumidifier can be used with several independent dry materials.

  • Three-machine Integrated Dehumidifier

    Three-machine Integrated Dehumidifier

    Product features: ● High degree of automation, optional touch-type man-machine interface, the internal programmable controller Siemens PLC to do the master; ● Using ceramic fiber as the substrate of the honeycomb wheel, dehumidification effect is good, stable performance long life; ● Dehumidification drying temperature and transport independent operation;

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