• Crystallizer Dryer

    Crystallizer Dryer

    Product features: ● Mixing hopper to prevent agglomeration, the unique design of the mixing leaves and positioning rods can ensure that raw materials often rolling to crush any clumps may be formed and prevent the processing of raw materials during the agglomeration; ● Automatic continuous operation, automatic detection of the internal temperature of the hopper to ensure that the output of high-quality crystalline raw materials; ● To meet the needs of different raw materials; can be directly on-line processing can also be batch processing after the crystallization of raw materials for future use; ● Design safe, easy to clean; into the door to move the cone at the end of flexible design, so that the mixer can be removed from the top or bottom, clear material convenient.

  • Stainless Steel Dryer

    Stainless Steel Dryer

    Product features: ● Adopt Schneider electromagnetic switch, all stainless steel barrel body, internal polishing and grinding; ● Adopt electronic panel control, lower blowing design, blanking and heat dissipation is uniform, and temperature is more stable. ● Double layer overheating protection device can reduce accidents caused by man-made or mechanical faults. ● Stainless steel is used to avoid the two pollution of raw materials during drying. ● Design the cleaning door to facilitate the cleaning. ​

  • Large Vertical Mixing Dryer

    Large Vertical Mixing Dryer

    Product features: ● The use of all kinds of crushed material, new material mixture; ● The blade of the propeller, 3mm-4mm thick, not easy to deform; ● Can be converted into a drying mixer.

  • Two Machine Integrated

    Two Machine Integrated

    Product features: ● Drying and transportation are integrated and space is small. ● The interior is equipped with hot air recovery system to save energy. ● Equipped with broken material evacuation box, so that the raw material pipe does not remain in the pipe. ● The electronic panel can be used, and the operation is simple.

  • Ordinary Dryer

    Ordinary Dryer

    Product features: ● heating fast and uniform, precise control; ● with over-temperature protection, safe and reliable; ● can be used with the timer, hot air recovery, tripod use.

  • Oven-box-type Dryer

    Oven-box-type Dryer

    Product features: ● The use of electronic temperature control, to provide precision uniform drying effect; ● High sealed doors maintain consistent temperature and reduce power consumption; ● Stainless steel plate to avoid pollution in the drying process.

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