• Metal Separator

    Metal Separator

    Product features: ● Metal separator can be separated from the raw materials containing magnetic or non-magnetic metal, such as: iron, copper, aluminum, and other stainless steel pieces; ● Can be placed separately in the crusher next to the use of broken raw materials directly through the metal separator, the metal containing raw materials separated to prevent the metal impurities into the injection molding machine and other equipment, play a protective equipment screw, mold hot runner; ● Metal separator is simple, but also with a bracket and under the hopper, easy to use.

  • Vibrating Screening Machine

    Vibrating Screening Machine

    Product features: ● used in the material particles and powder grading screening; ● independent storage hopper, suitable for independent use; ● The screen bed is inclined, and the inclination angle is the best effect of taking out the material and the screen. ● Screen diameter Ф7. Ф3. Ф2, other specifications can be customized; ● base with active spring, can absorb more than 98% of the vibration noise; ● All parts and specifications can be customized.

  • Slow Pulverizer

    Slow Pulverizer

    Product features: ● Special blade design without the use of sieve, the use of new cutting knife, you can cut into the material into the head, and reduce the generation of dust; ● Tool with advanced tool steel SKD-11, with a special process, more durable; ● Motor with overload protection device, and power interlock protection system to ensure that the safety of the machine and the operator; ● Can be installed automatically proportional to the old mix of raw materials, and with the suction machine operation, to achieve the immediate effect of automated production recovery.

  • Medium Speed Pulverizer

    Medium Speed Pulverizer

    Product features: ● By using new type of claw type, blade design mode, free activities blade does not have to go through a gap adjustment, after resharpening remain fixed cutting clearance; Using type tool, gradually cut type, body moving blade design; ● Low-speed rotation, acute Angle of the moving knife design helps to mill run more smoothly, smooth; ● Around the box of outsourcing aggregate crushing chamber design, which can effectively prevent crushed crushing of material leakage best shear Angle, small resistance, not easily jammed, improve the efficiency of cutting and cutting; ● Easy disassembling design, maintenance time; ● At the bottom of the fuselage is small in size, trolley, mobile convenience.

  • Fast Pulverizer

    Fast Pulverizer

    Product features: ● Power seat for the trapezoidal equipment design, the use of chip force decomposition, resulting in chip force times; ● Heavy load bearing and oil seal device, and a sound partition, can effectively prevent vibration, to ensure that processed items from oil seal pollution; ● Motor with overload protection settings; ● Tool installation design retractable adjustment, can be used after several grinding, long life; ● Separation design, blanking mouth, crushing chamber filter, easy to clean; ● Small models to install casters, easy to move, the mainframe to install adjustable shock foot, work smoothly.

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