How to arrange the pipes of the central feeding system?

Central feeding system is composed of most parts of central feeding system, so it occupies a relatively large area and often needs to use the whole workshop. Then, there is a high demand for the central feeding system pipeline layout. The wrong pipeline layout will not only reduce the production efficiency, but also may damage the machine. If you want to change after the layout is completed, it is very complex, so the pre-central feeding system pipeline layout is very important. Centralized feeding and central feeding system pipeline is very important, a reasonable pipeline can improve the operation and processing speed of the feeding material, so how to select and arrange the pipeline is very important, then how to arrange the central feeding system pipeline? The following is introduced by the technical staff of Dongguan Henglong Machinery Factory:

Central Feeding System

Central Feeding System

First, we should plan the pipeline according to the actual situation of the enterprise, taking into account the space occupied by the whole feeding system and the traffic situation. The overall resources should be well coordinated to ensure the rationality of the pipeline.

2. Pipeline site selection should be easy to install, maintain and transport materials.

Third, we should reduce the number of elbows as much as possible. Once the number of elbows is too large, it may cause blockage if the material transferred is unstable and serious. Therefore, in the layout of pipelines, the number of elbows should be reduced. Moreover, it is forbidden to connect two elbows or to be too close to each other, so as not to cause insufficient speed and blockage when entering the second elbow after passing through the first elbow.

4. The length of the pipeline should be reduced as far as possible when the transportation is satisfied. If the length of the pipeline must be lengthened, the combined piping of horizontal pipes and plumb pipes can be added in proper segments. The phenomenon of slow speed and deposition may occur in the transportation of materials in long horizontal pipes. Therefore, the length of the pipeline is not too long.

How to arrange the pipes of the above central feeding system is introduced here. The central feeding system adopts vacuum transmission mode, and conveys plastic materials from storage tank to central drying system through the centralized pipeline system.

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