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With the rapid development of industry, dry air in industry can ensure the quality of materials. Because most engineering plastics are hygroscopic, combined with the influence of weather and regional climate, it is easy to cause excessive humidity of plastic particles, which can not reach the forming effect. Desiccant dryers have been widely used in machine rooms. Desiccant dryers have emerged as the times require, which can solve the problem of environmental humidity.

Central Feeding System

Dongguan Heng Rong Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, research and development, manufacture and service of automatic forming paving equipment and systematic countermeasures in the plastic field. We have been committed to the overall solution of industrial automation rubber and plastic field, to create high-level design quality requirements, based on the high-end plastic auxiliary industry, with a professional team to design a variety of non-standard parts equipment and high-demand design and installation for customers.

The use of desiccant dryer can be divided into single-machine and centralized type. The single-machine desiccant dryer usually includes the main dryer, drying barrel and suction machine. Single-machine drying is suitable for a small amount of diverse drying, its advantages are good drying efficiency, and convenient and rapid material exchange.

The centralized dryer consists of a dryer mainframe and several drying barrels. Each drying barrel has an independent heating controller, which can simultaneously dry several different raw materials and control the air flow of each drying barrel with the air flow regulating valve.


1. The supplier of plastic dehumidifier adopts the honeycomb wheel made of Japanese ceramic fibers, which has good dehumidification effect.

2. It can be equipped with PLC programmable touch screen, which has more complete functions. 3. The dew point of ordinary cooling water with ultra-low dew point temperature can reach - 40 C, and the dew point of ultra-low dew point with water cooler can reach - 50 C or above.

4. Continuous cycle of dehumidification and regeneration ensures that the dew point temperature is stable and that the dew point is stable in a straight line below - 40 C.

5. No pollution to ensure the quality of plastics;

6. The runner can withstand 1000 C high temperature to prevent fire, acid and alkali, and can be washed, with an average life of more than 10 years.

7. The regeneration temperature is 180 C, which saves 2/3 time and 30-40% energy than the traditional hot air dryer.

8. A dehumidifier can be used with several independent drying hoppers.

1. Internal circulation of dehumidifier: through the operation of compressor exhaust gas discharged at high temperature and pressure into the condenser cooling into low temperature and high pressure gas through capillary interception into low temperature and low pressure liquid through evaporator heat absorption back to compressor into low temperature and low pressure gas. This cycle goes back and forth.

2. Outer circulation of wholesale dehumidifier of honeycomb runner: under normal starting condition through fan operation humid air inhaled from air intake through evaporator evaporator to absorb moisture in air onto aluminium sheet into dry air through condenser radiator from air outlet.

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