Application of Centralized Feeding System in Bottle Blowing Industry

The application of centralized feeding system in bottle blowing industry, with the development of industrial technology and the requirement of improving efficiency, the feeding of forming machine tends to be automated, intelligent and humane, realizing the unmanned feeding operation of the whole plant, saving a lot of manpower for enterprises. It greatly improves the production efficiency of enterprises and reduces the production cost of enterprises. Centralized feeding system has been widely used in bottle blowing industry. Let's take a look at it.


Central feeding system can reduce production cost, reduce energy consumption, improve product quality, improve workshop environment, realize centralized management and closed transportation of raw materials, which is the first choice of production enterprises in the competitive market.

Users should pay attention to the following points when choosing centralized feeding system:

1. Considering the requirements of raw materials for plastic production process.

2. Mixing and drying of raw materials.

3. The quantity of raw materials and the distance of transportation.

4. Development planning and production requirements for the next few years.

5. Satisfying the principle of practical economic stability.

6. Choose a professional manufacturer.

The application of the above centralized feeding system in the bottle blowing industry is introduced here. The centralized feeding system can flexibly change the feeding amount according to the production of different shaping machines. The design of multiple feeding pipes can ensure the diversification of main materials.

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