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  • Central feeding system

    Central feeding system

    Product characteristics: For workshop material transportation and plant planning: ●Heng Rong provides a comprehensive plan for customers. ●We adopt intelligent control from raw material granulation raw material storage measurement ratio dehumidification drying machine sorting product centralized classification to realize modern workshop management. ●For quality control, we adhere to the use of high-performance components; ensure the stability of Heng Rong system equipment.

  • Dehumidifier


    Product features: ● Low light collocation ordinary cooling water can be up to 32 ℃ ~ - 40 ℃, dew point collocation no-load cases, cold water machine can reach even to 40 ℃ below the dew point; ● A continuous cycle of dehumidification and regeneration to ensure that the dew point temperature stabilised into a straight line; ● The honeycomb wheel is made of ceramic fiber, which is good for dehumidification. ● Do not produce pollution to ensure the quality of plastics; ● Wheel can be 1000 ℃ high temperature in case of fire resistance, acid-proof alkali, 3-8 years life expectancy; ● Low regeneration temperature is 180 ℃, than the traditional hot air drying machine save two-thirds of 30-40% of the energy and time; ● A dehumidifier can be used with several independent dry materials.

  • Three-machine Integrated Dehumidifier

    Three-machine Integrated Dehumidifier

    Product features: ● High degree of automation, optional touch-type man-machine interface, the internal programmable controller Siemens PLC to do the master; ● Using ceramic fiber as the substrate of the honeycomb wheel, dehumidification effect is good, stable performance long life; ● Dehumidification drying temperature and transport independent operation;

  • Crystallizer Dryer

    Crystallizer Dryer

    Product features: ● Mixing hopper to prevent agglomeration, the unique design of the mixing leaves and positioning rods can ensure that raw materials often rolling to crush any clumps may be formed and prevent the processing of raw materials during the agglomeration; ● Automatic continuous operation, automatic detection of the internal temperature of the hopper to ensure that the output of high-quality crystalline raw materials; ● To meet the needs of different raw materials; can be directly on-line processing can also be batch processing after the crystallization of raw materials for future use; ● Design safe, easy to clean; into the door to move the cone at the end of flexible design, so that the mixer can be removed from the top or bottom, clear material convenient.

  • Suction Machine 900G

    Suction Machine 900G

    Product features: ● Microcomputer operation control procedures, overload, lack of material alarm; ● 700G using high-speed rectifier motor, small size, suction strong, suitable for the new material delivery; ● 800G, 900G induction high-pressure fan, low noise, long life; ● 800G with a reversal of automatic dust removal function; ● Host and hopper split design, safe, simple, independent filter device to facilitate the removal of dust.

  • Weighing Gauge

    Weighing Gauge

    Product features: ● Adopting high precision weighing controller, to ensure reliable performance and convenient maintenance; ● Low PLC touch screen automatic control algorithms, independent optimization, automatic setting function, ensure the accuracy of the best ingredients. ● Different low component model for choice; ● Low color displayed in figure, touch-screen operation; ● Low weight, volume increase mixed measurement model ingredients; ● With formula storage function, can store up to more than 50 set of formula; ● Low scalable security password control and alarm history record function; ● With sound and light alarm, facilitate equipment operators fast accurate fault machine field; ● Low can be directly installed on the machine or at the foot of the selected frame installed on the machine.

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    Founded in 2007, Dongguan Hengrong Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the plastic product’s design, research and development, manufacturing.

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